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Los Tigres del Norte

WHO INTEGRATE THE Tigres del Norte:

· Jorge Hernández: Director, lead vocals and accordion
· Hernán Hernández: Electric bass, vocals
· Eduardo Hernández: Accordion, saxophone, 6-string bass, vocals
· Luis Hernández: 6-string bass, vocals
· Oscar Lara: Drums

The history of the Tigres del Norte could be synthesized of the following way: ' the voice of people, ' importance of generation to generación' and world-wide success.

With great success ' the Heads of Jefes' have done hers the tradition of the run one (histories which they celebrate the search of the truth, justice, opportunity) making of her an artistic expression, interpreting it in their own words and making of her a powerful tool to express nonsingle the suffering and the adventures of all those that arrive from diverse countries at the United States in search of a better future for their families, besides to control to the obstacles that face day day in a different country.

The group has taken Northern music with its roots of polka, mixing it with true histories of social injustice and the news to modern way of ' juglares'. Thanks to a rich content in their letter which reveals histories of the town, have caused that million people see in them their own reflection: the one of its past, the present and the future. For that reason and by much more, the group has gained the name of ' the Idolos Of the Puebló, sobrename that affectionately granted its public by its sincerity and humility to them.

With a trajectory of more than three decades, millionaire sales, extensive tours through the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and Asia, have made of the Tigres del Norte a true international legend.

The Tigres del Norte undertook their long artistic trajectory of the hand their musical director, main voice and accordionist Jorge Hernandez, who next to his brothers Hernán, Eduardo, Luís and its cousin Oscar Lara, they initiated united the way, obtaining to arrive at unimaginable levels.

From its beginnings, the artistic race of the Tigres del Norte was laid the foundations on a solid base of principles and values very rooted to its culture; the honor, the pride and the respect.

In 1968, the brothers had to leave their earth native, Pink Dwelling, Mocorito, Sinaloa Mexico and to undertake their way towards the United States, with the hope to help their family. A day, after touching in the border city of Mexicali, they were contracted to act in a parade of the Day of Independence in San jOse, California, the group in that then not yet had name and was an immigration official that called ' Little Tigers', and as they traveled towards the north, it completed his phrase with the expression ' The Tigres del Norte', the Tigres del Norte. Thus giving origin to the name of the group.

The group settled down in San jOse, California, the city that until today remains as its place of residence. It was in that city in 70s that the Tigres del Norte obtained their first record contract, with one novel called company FAMA Record, seal that with the years went to become the most important of the Coast West. The Tigres del Norte were the first artist signed for FAMA Record by Art Walker, a well-known industralist who I listen to the group by the radio during a local presentation in the Park the Flowers, by the Keyes street in where it was used to reunite the Mexican community in the city of San Jose.

When initiating their artistic stage in this company, the Tigres del Norte received a suggestion to modify their traditional sound to one more contemporary, with the incorporation of electrical instruments. At that time the group recorded its first album in San jOse, California. With time the group modernized its sound, varying its style with diverse sorts like the bolero, cumbia, rates of rock and valses.

The tradition of ' conscientizacion social' was born in the Tigres del Norte from his first subjects, "Contraband and Treason", a history that speaks of the treason of love of made famous even Emilio Varela and Camelia the Tejana (1971), "the Band Of the Red Car" (1973), with time was taking forms that tradition on the social contents in the letters, giving like result great successes like, "the Cage De Oro" (1986) and the classic one "Of Countryman To Countryman" (2000) between many others.

Like part of its musical mission, the group chose never to allow that its image badly was interpreted, or using firearms in its photographies or the use of a language soez in the letter of its songs. In addition, the group always has given to its place to the woman dealing to him with respect in its subjects and the one him about not glorifying the subject of ' narcóticos', simply to express it like being relating a history.

In its transition to the century 21, a great honor was conferred them when the best bands of the Mexican rock showed their respect and admiration by the influence exerted in their own music. Each band or solista participated recording a subject of its predilection for album of collection a titled "But Great Tribute to the Tigers Of Norte"(2001), thus recognizing the more important northern group in Mexico and the United States.

The special participation of the Tigres del Norte like guests of honor to XXX the Festival the Cervantino International (2002) in Guanajuato, Mexico, was an importance event. Not only the group was the first group of Northern music invited to this magno cultural event in where they were homenajeados by the groupings of the most representative bands of the Mexican rock: Molotov, Barranca and Julieta Venegas, but in addition, I help to elevate the recognition on the part of the Mexican young public.

The 2002 were a key year for the Tigres del Norte, gaining the appointment of ambassadors of the Mexican culture with its album "the Queen of the South", thanks to celebrates Arturo writer Perez-Reverte, who wrote the novel of the same one I title, being inspired by the protagónica pair of the made famous one run "Contraband and Treason".

This production opened the doors to them to Spain in where the group carried out presentations in important festivales and events in 2002 and 2003.

The consistency of these tours allowed the Tigres del Norte to gain the recognition, as much of the Spanish public as of means and personalities of the intellectual and artistic world of this country.

These events were reaffirming the internationalization of the group, adding themselves to the presentations of the group during the 2003, is possible to mention the made one for the American troops in Japan and Korea, in a tour that I take them by Asia and Hawaii.

In the 2004, the group advanced in its project of internationalization. The Tigres del Norte lograrón the globalización visiting American the Sud continent, making impressive concerts in the countries of Chile and Colombia.

In addition, of to have made a concert like fundamental part of the ceremony of closing of the ' First Universal Forum of Culturas' 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.

With the reason to create a record series that related the legacy of the Tigres del Norte, Fonovisa Record has sent to the market the titled series ' Musical' Inheritance in format CD/DVD. This collection of several albums has left periodically, compiling the subjects by musical sorts, reuniting of this form the musical legacy of the group. All the CD's is accompanied by a special DVD that includes videos, gallery of photos, biography and some new subjects. To date the following albums have been sent within the Series ' Musical' Inheritance that have reached high sales and for that reason they have been including in the lists of sale of the recognized Billboard magazine, they are: "20 Run Unforgettable" (2003), "20 Boleros Romantic" (2003) and "20 Northern Famous ones" (2004) and "Cumbias and Something More" (2005.

The more recent unpublished productions of the Tigers of the Nortés are: "the Queen Of the South" (2002), the album that the Latin GRAMMY® obtained "Pact of Blood" (2003) and "Direct To the Heart" (2004) and the collection "the most Requested" (2005). And now they captivate to us with "Histories that To count" its new production for this 2006




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